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Smart School Uniforms for students that create a distinction...

An Introduction

Uniforms at school have always promoted a sense of equality and discipline among the students. This is why practice of wearing school uniforms having prevailed through decades. Since these outfits are used on a daily basis, it is important to avail these garments from reputed providers only. We, Smart Hosiery, are one such company that has gained prominence in the industry for making outstanding quality of students school uniforms. As a Manufacturer, we offer a broad range of uniforms such as School Plain Trouser, School Pajama, School Blazer, Boys and Girls School Uniform Sweater and many others. The uniforms we offer, are customized by our creative tailors who are proficient in this field. We make these readymade school uniforms in bulk quantities and accept orders from the clients, that is fulfilled within the promised time. The entire range of uniforms are made at our production facility with quality assurance procedures so that our patrons receive the best quality merchandise that they can avail.

Our Expertise

We have spent more than three decades in the industry and have made uniforms for several clients. In this duration, we have gained vast experience and skills that is reflected in our range. Our designers and creative tailors in the team collaborate with one another to make such good quality of uniforms that can cater to the diversified requirements of different schools and institutions. Keeping the requirements of the school going students, our designers have created this range paying high attention to the soft fabrics, colorfastness, proper stitching and elegant fitting of the uniforms. Here are some other reasons why a large number of clients avail our range:

  • We can customize the uniforms as per requirement
  • Availability of range at lowest possible prices without compromising on quality
  • Ability to stitch the garments in bulk quantities as per the clients' requirements
  • The merchandise is delivered by us at client destinations within the specified time

Infrastructural Facility

We stitch the garments at our factory that is equipped with high end machinery and equipment for the mass production of uniforms. We have installed the Cutting machine, Stitching machine, Embroidery machine, Interlocking machine and other Finishing machines that are required to make perfectly stitched garments. There are several highly trained tailors and other professionals in the facility who utilize the resources of the plant in an effective manner to come up with a flawless clothing line.

"Our minimum order quantity is 250 pieces"

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